What causes bad posture back pain?

You need to have asked yourself this question by now: is the stress that you are placing on your back responsible for the incessant back pain? Maybe this question is not the right one that we are asking ourselves. Rather, we need to look at the mistakes we do and how they contribute to bad posture back pain.

The stress that we are referring to occurs on the spine when we slouch or bend for long hours as we work. The blood vessels and the nerves are constricted so much that the pain starts to radiate from the back to the other areas of the body. You have in particular to look at what this bad posture back pain does to the joints, muscles and the discs.

One of the ways in which you can tell that you have back pain due to bad postures is when you start experiencing pain that worsens at certain times of the day. Be very careful when you experience that radiates from the top of the spine at the neck, all the way to the lower back where we have the lumbar vertebrae.

One characteristic of   this pain is that it is felt when you assume certain position. For instance, you will feel some pain when you stand but the pain disappears when you sit.

There is another back pain that is usually associated with certain things like sitting on a new chair or when you take up a new job.

All the above scenarios show that bad posture back pain can manifest itself in many ways. It can be prevented by doing a number of things such as the following:

Sitting position really influences the heath of your back. If you are working in a new office desk, ensure that it is the same level as the previous one and especially if you did not have a problem with it. If the height is not right, you will strain and develop new problems with your back. Ensure that the back of the seat is straight and if need be, use back support in the form of a pillow. Most of the back pain complaints come from the lumbar back as this is the part that may not be touching the chair.

 Slouching on the seat is bad for your back because it creates a lot of tension on the back muscles. If possible sit up straight and ensure that you can reach the desk.

 Walking tall is going to take care of the back. Always walk while looking straight ahead .The head should always be well balanced on the spine. Drooping the shoulders is not a healthy habit as it puts unnecessary pressure on the back.

 When walking, make sure that you land on the heels as opposed to the front of the feet.

When lifting objects, it is important to do it carefully. The chest should always be kept forward. The reason for this is so as to keep the back as straight as possible.

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