Ways to improve posture Review

Have you always wanted to maintain an upright posture but have no idea what steps you should take? There are various ways of maintaining a healthy posture and which form the basis of this review.


In order to improve your posture, you have to imagine or visualize a string emanating from above you. The string will be pulling you up. The string idea will help you have a sense of proper posture.

The giant X tape

The best way to retrain the back is to have an X taped at your back, running from one shoulder to the next. Another straight tape is put above the X.One is then required to wear this tape, each time adjusting the back. Every time you wear it, you will be able retrain your back, making the necessary adjustments relative to the X. For better results, you should have the inelastic tape and also change it daily.

Slouch walking correction

We all tend to slouch while walking, either knowingly or unknowingly. The best way to correct this posture is to imagine that you have a book placed on your head. Since you do not want it to topple, you would maintain the upright posture.  For those who do not know, slouch walking is whereby the back forms a curved appearance while standing. It is like someone has a hump forming at the back.

Colour for remembering

The color codes are used for different reasons. When it comes to ways to improve posture, the colour plays an important role. The trick is to think about a certain colour and at that time, check your posture. If for instance, you are slouching and you think about the green colour, you will immediately correct your position.

Pay attention to the calves

People ignore the calves at their own peril. The calves help us to find our balance. The first thing that you will need to do is to stay at ease and take a bounce in your strides. The idea is to remove the pressure that is imposed on the back, the neck and shoulders.

Sitting position

We are always reminded to sit up straight but did not know the significance of this. Those who sit for long hours on the desk tend to have posture problems. There are a number of ways in which   healthy posture can be retained. A good chair will help you take care of the back. The lumbar part of the back can be strengthened by additional support in the form of a pillow.

The back should always with that of the chair back support .The monitor on your desk should be positioned in such a way it prevents you from slouching.

The shoulder should be straight but relaxed and ensure that at the same time, the arms should be in flexed as opposed to straight. A 90 degree arm-rest would be ideal for the elbow support.

Lastly, you should consider standing breaks. They include standing, stretching and walking exercise in order to keep fit.


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