Posture improvement Review

Your posture speaks volume about your health and personality. Unfortunately, most of us tend to neglect our postures in instead of improving them. The good news is that it will not cost you on

Posture improvement

One of the main areas that you can work is the body alignment. This is only possible if you identify the cause of the body posture. The muscles are the first suspects in the sense that they will have deviated from the norm. When they are imbalanced, they cannot keep the joints in place.

 Work to identify the weak from the strong muscles.

Hunching of the shoulders could be attributed to the tightness in the Pec muscles when the shoulders are pulled forward. Things can get worse when the tight Pec muscles are forced to work with the weak muscles at the back. Tension, discomfort will tend to arise due to the compensation mechanism of the overactive and underactive muscles.

The sway back is one of the problems which arise when the hips press forward and lie on the ribs. When this problem arises, you should carry out some strengthening exercises a way of posture improvement. In this case, carry out cocoon, hanging leg raise, ball pull in and the scissor kick. All these are intended to correct the deviation. There are also stretches for overactive muscles. In this case, you will carry out the runner’s stretch, stretching the hamstring, lying cross over and glutei stretch.

Lower-cross syndrome

People with lower-cross syndrome have a curve at the lower back while the pelvis is tilted in a forward position. If you have this problem, there are improvement measures to be carried out. For the overactive muscles, you will need   the pyramid stretch over the ball, hip flexor and the quadriceps stretch to name but a few.

As for the underactive muscles, the posture improvement is through pelvic tilting to the bridge, the single leg Glute Bridge, frog sit up among others. All these are strengthening exercises which will help improve on the back that is curved and correct the tilt   in the pelvis.

Rounded shoulders

Our shoulders are supposed to be straight. However, the problem may arise due to slouching, whereby the shoulders become rounded. You will notice anomaly when you notice that the shoulders are ahead of the ears.

The stretches that you are supposed to engage in include the deltoid stretches at the front, elbows stretch, chest stretch and the upper body stretches. On the other hand, you will need the strengthening exercises which revolve around the cable row, back fly and external shoulder rotation.

 The forward head

The other area of improvement is the forward head where the ears are located are at the front of the shoulders. The stretch exercises include the Myofascial release in the neck and the chin to the chest exercises.

As for the strengthening exercises, you will need the isometric exercises of the front neck.


Whilst there are many exercises which can be carried out posture improvement, the above are guaranteed to correct various posture problems.

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