Posture fix review

When sitting, standing or walking we make some mistakes which give us a bad posture. For instance, there is a tendency to slouch when sitting down.  Slouching is a very bad habit because it places a lot of strain on the back due to tension created in the muscles. In order to correct it, you have to learn to sit properly.

People who slouch find it very painful to maintain the desired sitting position since the back muscles are conditioned to that position.

There are a number of Posture fix exercise that you can engage in to correct this poor posture. Seriously work on the buttocks and the back extension. The plank and the bridges are some of the exercises that you can work on as you get started on your way to recovery. What is also important is to remember is that the desk and the seat at the office stand in the way for you to restore your posture.

 Have you persons with a Donald duck posed when standing? Probably you stand this way. It is not a normal posture as the bottoms stick out of your body in an undesirable way. You are suffering from a condition known as hyperlordosis.  The condition is characterized by an inward curve at the lower back. Women in particular are susceptible to this problem because they wear high heels, pregnancy as well as putting on a lot of weight.

 All is not lost though. You can engage in Posture fix exercises to remedy the situation. The main ones are the leg rises while lying down on the side, flexor exercises on the hip as well as the thigh stretches while standing.

 Standing posture is perhaps one of the abused by people. You might think that you are in an upright posture when in fact you are not. The body will not be in the right alignment, the curvature of the spine wrong and the neck is not straight. Again, as long as the hips are not parallel to the shoulders, you cannot claim to have the posture.

To fix this problem, there are a number of Posture fix exercises that you will need to carry out. The first thing is to ensure that you pull back your shoulders if they are hunched back or forward. Let them rest in their natural position. Your abdomen should not be sticking out. Ensure that you pull it in. The feet and the hip should be kept apart while at the same time, ensuring that you keep your neck straight; tilting it is bad for your posture .Lastly, the knees should be relaxed.

A flat back is not healthy at all because it basically means that you have a straight lower instead of having it curved. When you realize that you are not able to stand for long, this could be the first problem to suspect.

 It is not recommended that you lean on one leg when standing. The buttocks and cores should support you, not the lower back or hip.

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