Posture exercises Review

 There are many posture corrective exercises that we engage in. Some do work while others don’t. If you care for your posture, there a number of exercise one can take so as to prevent various problems which could arise.

The off balance core

The pelvis is an important part of the body. In order to stabilize it, you will need to strengthen the core muscles so that they work in tandem. The core stabilizer exercise involves   one leg extension as one of the main off-balance moves that you will make.

How it is done

When carrying out the posture exercises such as this one, there are some specific positions that are you are supposed to make. The first thing that you will need to do is to bend you knee as you lay flat. The hands are put at the back of the head .meanwhile; the lower back is pressed against the floor. When maintaining this position, you should breathe out and pull your navel towards your spine. The abdomen should be pulled in while you maintain the low back to the floor.

The second example of the posture exercises is known the new crunch. During this curl-up style exercise, you will be required lie on your back while bending your knees in bent position. Ensure that you are in contact with the floor. Once again, the hands should be maintained at the back of the head. The arms can also be stretched so that they reach the knees, but be careful so that you don’t place too much strain on the neck.

This exercise follows the same steps as those of the core stabilizer as you will exhale and then bend so that the navel reaches the spine. The intensity of this form of exercise can be increased by extending the legs at 45 degrees to the ceiling. It is advisable to exercise both knees by keeping them off the flow while bending them. All the while, ensure that the shins are lying in a parallel position to your floor.

The advantage of this form of exercise is that it enables you to work out the six-pack muscles as well as the obliques.

The third among the posture exercises is what we call palates roll up. It is also known as yoga sit-up. This form type of exercise is recommended for you because it helps to improve the rector abdominals. The latter are the muscles which are located around the waist. The role of these muscles is to hold the abdomen in the upward and outward position relative to the spine.

How the exercise is done

The first thing that you will need to do is to straighten your legs as you lie flat on the floor. The hands, as usual will be positioned at the back of your head. The low back is then pressed so as to be in contact with the floor.

Lastly, you should breath out and curl in such a way that the navel moves close to the spine.

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