Improve posture at work

When you are working in the office, you run the risk of exposing your back to many dangers. Bad posture is indeed picked at the office and then transferred to the home. After all, you stay at the office the better time of the day, slouching on the office seat, leaning forward or staining read on computer.

The posture becomes a serious health issue, affecting the way you walk, sit or stand. Is this supposed to go on? You definitely have to find a way to improve posture at work in the following simple exercises.

Ears + shoulder

There is one simple exercise that will tell you that you if you have a bad posture.  Look at yourself in the mirror to see if the ears and shoulders are in same line. If they are not, you will easily know that you have a poor posture that you need to work on.Leaning forward or back removes the two from a straight line.

Shoulder and chest exercises

You may not be aware but there are some few exercises that you can carry out .The first one is known as the wall angel where you stand against the wall with the legs apart. Make sure that that the arms are raised up to form an angle of 90 degrees on the wall. Then you can begin to lift them up slowly and back a few times.

 The other simple exercise is known as the shoulder shrugs up and down in quick succession. At the end of this exercise, you will be surprised at how fast you will improve posture at work.

 When sitting on the seat at the office, there is a tendency to cross the legs. We assume that this is perfectly in order.However; this is a bad posture, the same way it is long to spread out. It is in fact better to support them with something from the ground than crossing. Many people find it difficult to keep both feet on the ground but for heaven’s sake, uncross those legs.

The shoulder blades could easily be a source of a lot of pain. One of the reasons why this happens is because the chest is in and down. The shoulders could also be rounded. The problem can be corrected by pulling the blades in so that the chest moves up and out.

 Pillow for support

The office seat may not provide you the support you need a lower back. The lumbar region suffers a lot of strain as you work on the screen of your computer. You will find that as you work, you lose contact between the back of seat and your back. To reduce this problem, it is advisable that you get   a pillow. The purpose of the pillow is to ensure that you maintain back support in the lumbar region on the back.

 Don’t sit on the seat for long hours. Ensure that you get up to stretch and walk around the office .This will encourage the blood to flow  and improve posture at work.

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