How to get correct neck posture

The correct neck posture is very important. Unfortunately, the modern lifestyle has made it very difficult for us to keep the correct posture. This means that you will catch yourself craning your neck, stretching your neck, straining your neck as a result. We spend hours on end working on our phones, computers and other devices, of course at the expense of the health of the neck. What can we do to ensure that we safeguard the correct neck posture?

Slouching on the office desk is the first bad habit that puts a lot of strain on the neck as you lean forward to the monitor. If you do not have the correct size of the seat .The height of the chair may not be the correct one for the desk. The ergonomics should go into the design of the office furniture. Unfortunately, this does not always happen.

In order to correct this problem, the seat should be of the correct height. The desk should be of the correct distance from the chair so that you do not strain a lot when leaning forward. Ideally, you should be able to see the screen of the computer in a straight line, i.e the eye level. As such, you should not look up or down when working on the computer. This will help  with correct neck posture.

Neck tilt

There is one problem that is observable among   the users of smart phones. They have a way of tilting their necks as they   operate the devices. If you tilt at a certain angle, there will be too much weight pressure being applied on the cervical spine.

To correct this problem, you will need to know at what angle you should hold them phone relative to the neck. Simply put, get yourself a case that enables you to put the tablet or Smartphone at a comfortable position .The devices will be propped so that you do not have to strain when using   it.

After working on your tablet for some time, practice neck rotations whereby you will require to turn right and left a few times before you continue.

 Balancing the muscles

It is not   easy to maintain the balance in all the muscles. You will find that they can be exercised in some small steps but in a big way, they will have a profound impact on the neck. Work on the shoulder blades by pinching them, each at a time.

 The Pec muscles should on the other hand be stretched in order to correct the overstretched muscles in the upper back.

 The chin tuck is recommended and especially where the good posture is required. It helps to work out the neck muscles. In order to does it correctly, pull in the chin towards the head and then release again. This procedure should be followed a few times until you start feeling the upper back relaxing.

Even with all this advice, you will find that there is need to take preventive measures to ensure that you do not strain the neck muscles.

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