How to choose Posture correction exercises

You have been on an 8 to 5 job where you spend a lot of time sitting on the office desk. The back suffers the moisture because you will strain a lot on the back.  The computer monitor could be out of the eye level which basically means that you have to strain to read. We lean forward to back without really getting up.

 When this habit is repeated over and over again, you develop a poor posture. Before you realize it, you are always leaning even when you are not reaching out to something. There will result pain and poor health. The question is: how can correct bad exercises? The answer lies in the  Posture correction exercises you carry out every day. The exercise that you are going to carry out is simple and will not require you to go to the gym

It is easy to go off track when it comes to posture. Yet, one only needs to carry out some form of exercise to restore form. Here, we are going to review some few exercises which you can carry out at home to stay fit.

The first exercise will require you to stand with your back to the wall. Let the chin fall to the chest and then lean back such that the   back of the neck touches the wall. To maintain this posture, ensure that you are not able to bring back the head without a support. Have a pillow on standby just in case you need to lift it off the wall.

 Flap your hands

While still in this position, you should flap your palms but keep them facing down and make sure that the flapping starts from the sides all the way to the   shoulder level. Repeat the procedure the procedure up to 10 times.

 While keeping your head still tucked, lift your arms to the shoulder level and then bend your elbows whilst the palms are still facing down. Bring the hands to the ears and then repeat the procedure a few more times, say ten times like the first one.

 The third step in the posture correction exercises is to lift   one hand and pass it over your head as if you are climbing using an imaginary rope. Start the procedure again by passing the other hand over and reach out again.

The hunchback is a common problem just as the neck strain.  The best thing you can do is to form a habit of working out for a few minutes after work. Most people are not ready to work out to relieve the pain and hence it becomes a medical problem. It is important to concentrate on the back, neck and joints.

We use our hands to carry out many tasks. This places a lot of strain on the shoulder. By carrying out the simple exercises suggested above, you will make a lot of improvements on your posture. I highly recommend these Posture correction exercises in order to keep fit  all the time.

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