Best exercises for better posture

There are a number of things that you need   to do in order to get the exercises for better posture. In order to affect the correct posture, the following exercises should be carried out:

Warm ups

Carry out some dynamic exercises through stretching. They are referred to as dynamic because they are in sections and actively done with the aim of putting one in the right frame mind as well be ready physically.

 Strength building and toning of the muscles

As you work out, it is important to remember that the body gets stronger with every phase of the exercise that you attain. The muscles should be well toned so that they relax and aid you in keeping you in the best posture possible.


In order to help in carrying out the exercises for better   posture, you will need some equipment like the dumb bells. However, it is not a must that you use them.

 To loosen up a bit, go  straight away  to the dynamic moves which will keep  you in best form  even and especially if you are looking forward to long hours of work ahead of you. All that you need to do is to   find the best time when you are taking your break from your busy schedule.

 Which are the exercises for better posture?

This is an important question that need to ask ourselves and especially given the fact that there are many muscles in the body. The most commonly abused muscles are those that are found in the upper/lower back, the neck, shoulders and the effect.

As long as these muscles are   strengthened,you will find that it will  be easy to deal  with common posture problems .The best forms of exercises include  trapezius ,rhomboids  and  rear deltoids to name but a few. If you can time yourself at certain intervals to carry out these exercises, you will easily find the right posture. You do not have to strain yourself in order to see results. An interval of 45 minutes and a transition of 15 minutes in between is what you need to carry out the various exercises to help keep the right posture.

 Tightness of the muscles

The muscles on the shoulder will tend to be tight and this leads to other problems like the roundness of the shoulders. By carrying out the necessary stretches, you will be able to ease the pressure and relax the muscles.

Standing posture exercises

When you stand, ensure that you keep the back straight for . The spine should have the right curvature .The neck should be kept straight. The chest should be out rather than in while the ears should remain parallel to the shoulders. Check to see that you are not stooping when standing. While still standing, lift your hands up and move them as if you are climbing ladder. This will help to keep posture. To ensure that you are standing firmly, imagine that you have something that you balancing on the head and which will roll over in case you shift position.

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