Posture improvement Review

Your posture speaks volume about your health and personality. Unfortunately, most of us tend to neglect our postures in instead of improving them. The good news is that it will not cost you on

Posture improvement

One of the main areas that you can work is the body alignment. This is only possible if you identify the cause of the body posture. The muscles are the first suspects in the sense that they will have deviated from the norm. When they are imbalanced, they cannot keep the joints in place.

 Work to identify the weak from the strong muscles.

Hunching of the shoulders could be attributed to the tightness in the Pec muscles when the shoulders are pulled forward. Things can get worse when the tight Pec muscles are forced to work with the weak muscles at the back. Tension, discomfort will tend to arise due to the compensation mechanism of the overactive and underactive muscles.

The sway back is one of the problems which arise when the hips press forward and lie on the ribs. When this problem arises, you should carry out some strengthening exercises a way of posture improvement. In this case, carry out cocoon, hanging leg raise, ball pull in and the scissor kick. All these are intended to correct the deviation. There are also stretches for overactive muscles. In this case, you will carry out the runner’s stretch, stretching the hamstring, lying cross over and glutei stretch.

Lower-cross syndrome

People with lower-cross syndrome have a curve at the lower back while the pelvis is tilted in a forward position. If you have this problem, there are improvement measures to be carried out. For the overactive muscles, you will need   the pyramid stretch over the ball, hip flexor and the quadriceps stretch to name but a few.

As for the underactive muscles, the posture improvement is through pelvic tilting to the bridge, the single leg Glute Bridge, frog sit up among others. All these are strengthening exercises which will help improve on the back that is curved and correct the tilt   in the pelvis.

Rounded shoulders

Our shoulders are supposed to be straight. However, the problem may arise due to slouching, whereby the shoulders become rounded. You will notice anomaly when you notice that the shoulders are ahead of the ears.

The stretches that you are supposed to engage in include the deltoid stretches at the front, elbows stretch, chest stretch and the upper body stretches. On the other hand, you will need the strengthening exercises which revolve around the cable row, back fly and external shoulder rotation.

 The forward head

The other area of improvement is the forward head where the ears are located are at the front of the shoulders. The stretch exercises include the Myofascial release in the neck and the chin to the chest exercises.

As for the strengthening exercises, you will need the isometric exercises of the front neck.


Whilst there are many exercises which can be carried out posture improvement, the above are guaranteed to correct various posture problems.

Posture support brace Review

The externally applied device that we are calling posture support brace plays an important role in the support. The parts of the body which are affected mainly include the neck, back and the shoulders. As long as all these are kept in the upright position, it will be easy to maintain the right posture.

Finding the right posture support brace

One of the things that you will look out for is the brace that can be worn either inside or outside the body, enabling   you to wear wherever you go.

The brace is designed in such a way that it will apply the necessary tension for around half an hour daily. When used correctly for a specified period of time, one should be able to see positive results .It is also designed to ease discomfort and pain that one would be experiencing.

Whether you are bending, leaning forward, sitting, standing or walking, something will always happen when you take the wrong posture. A brace, as such, becomes an indispensible part of your wellbeing in as far as maintaining the balance and support.

Back support

It is important to acknowledge that each respective part of the body will require a brace depending on where you have a posture problem the back is one part where you will find posture problems will arise. The other is the shoulder and of course there is the neck. The following though, is one of the best posture support brace item that you will need.

The Bax-U- posture brace

It forms the basis of this review and one thing you will notice about is that it is highly affordable. It protects the neck, shoulder and back. The Box-u-posture brace comes with the following features:

  • Wearable inside and outside the  body clothing
  • US made
  • Ergonomic design
  • Invisible when worn

There are many advantages which come with this brace.



It is cheaper than most of the brace

Highly effective

The posture support brace is designed for preventing the muscle strains which occur in the neck, back and is very effective in this aspect.

Ergonomically made

The design aspect of the brace makes it comfortable to wear and at the same time, it fits well to ensure that there is no straining when you wear or remove it.

Pain reduction

Unlike other braces which only serve to eliminate a small part of the pain, you are guaranteed pain reduction of up to 90%.

Scientifically tested and proven

The brace is made by a chiropractor; hence it has a scientific backing.


Nobody wants to wear a brace that is visible through the clothes. This brace has invisibility to the wearer.

Strong and durable

The brace is designed with durability in mind.  You will be able to wear it for days without it wearing out.


There were   no cons of the brace at the time of writing this review.


The Bax-u is the ultimate brace for correcting sprains in the neck, back and the shoulder. I highly recommend it.

Back brace for posture Review

When you have fractures, sprains, shoulder problems and many others, the back brace for posture is designed to help offer you support that you need by correcting the aforementioned.

The work of the back brace is to ensure that the shoulders are pulled back for purposes of aligning the clavicle .It also helps in maintaining the correct posture.

Features of the clavicle support

  • Comes in three main sizes, that is medium ,large and the extra-large ones
  • Padding for extra-comfort
  • Fabric that is moisture –wicking for coolness
  • Flat ring for reducing pressure in the spine
  • Enclosures for ease of use
  • Ease of wearing and removing
  • Available in blue colour
  • Pros of the back brace for posture


The clavicle support is designed to last, hence easy to maintain. The materials used to make it are strong, hence suitable for this function.


The back brace for posture is suitable for this purpose as it does not impose undue pressure on the back. It has padded straps for extra comfort.


You can count on the clavicle support to create the much needed back support.


The back alignment is very important but this can only be achieved if the shoulders are pulled back .The brace comes with two straps which at a central place at the back. If you would like the clavicle to be aligned, this is the product to go for.

Correction of rounded shoulders

When you slouch, you will end up with a rounded shoulder. To correct or even prevent the problem, you will need the support and this is why the clavicle support comes handy.

Ease of wearing

The support is easy to wear and remove

Keeps cool

The product comes with moisture- wicking feature keeping you cool all day.


On the other hand, the product comes with a few weaknesses. These are as follows:

Inability to adjust

The problem with the clavicle support is that it cannot be adjusted to fit. If it feels uncomfortable, you can only get an extra one that is for your size.

Limited sizes

There are only a few sizes available. One can have large, extra-large and extra-large ones only. If you need a small size, it would be difficult, meaning that people with small bodies are at a disadvantage. The shoulder support is another important feature of the back brace for posture. If you need extra support for your shoulders, there are braces which are available for each shoulder. They are also available according to your specifications.


This second back brace for posture is designed with the following features:

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to wear
  • Three sizes available
  • Available in black colour
  • This product has the following cons

Apart from being light in weight, it offers a lot of support. It caters for the soft tissues due to the material used to make it.

The only disadvantage is difficulty in wearing it and especially among women.

Shouldersback posture support Review

One of the healthiest exercises that you can engage in is the shouldersback posture support. For you to have a healthy shoulder there are a number of exercises that you can engage in .They involving any of the following?

Pulling the shoulders back

The aim of this posture is to the stance at the shoulders. In order to does it right, gently pull them to the back until you have the right posture?


The shoulders should be aligned so that they are in the same line with the back muscles and the neck.  A shoulder brace should be worn to correct the problem. The  Shouldersback is one such shoulder support that you need.

The brace is very helpful in reducing pain that is felt at the shoulders whilst preventing pain in the neck.

Retrain the muscle

The muscle memory could easily be lost if you have an injury or poor posture has affected the shoulders. Both the memory and the muscle in the shoulder can be retrained so that the function of the shoulder is restored.

Why do people have problems with their shoulders?

One of  the main reasons  why there is constant  pain on the shoulder has got to be  the overuse of the smart phones  .if  you hold  the Smartphone the  wrong way, there  will be strain on the neck and this could radiate down to the  shoulders. The stress also affects the spine.

Vest-like support

The aim of the vest-like support is to pull the shoulders to the back so that they can relax and help improve your posture.


  • Velcro-made straps for flexibility
  • Ease of adjustment
  • Fabric that enables  one to breath
  • The material is easily washable
  • Suspender straps for adjustment
  • Low profile design that is invisible


The reasons for the choice of the posture support are:

Allows range of motion

One thing that you will find with the shouldersback posture support is that you will be able to make many shoulder movements while at the same time allowing you to maintain the right posture.


The shoulder support helps to maintain the right posture by reinforcing the position of the shoulders.

Tension adjustment

The straps can be adjusted to relieve the tension hence keeping you comfortable.


The fact that it is invisible makes it discrete hence the best choice for you if you do not want a revealing shoulder support.

Daily work performance optimization

When you wear it, you are guaranteed that your performance will remain at its peak. Other kinds of shoulder braces tend to minimize the shoulder movements, hence affecting your performance.

Multiple sizes

It is available in various sizes from small to large.


The extra-sized persons may have to order an extra sized one unless through a special listing from the designers.

However, the positive exceed the negatives, making this product thumbs up for shoulder support.


The shouldersback posture support is ideal for protecting the shoulder until right posture is obtained.

Ways to improve posture Review

Have you always wanted to maintain an upright posture but have no idea what steps you should take? There are various ways of maintaining a healthy posture and which form the basis of this review.


In order to improve your posture, you have to imagine or visualize a string emanating from above you. The string will be pulling you up. The string idea will help you have a sense of proper posture.

The giant X tape

The best way to retrain the back is to have an X taped at your back, running from one shoulder to the next. Another straight tape is put above the X.One is then required to wear this tape, each time adjusting the back. Every time you wear it, you will be able retrain your back, making the necessary adjustments relative to the X. For better results, you should have the inelastic tape and also change it daily.

Slouch walking correction

We all tend to slouch while walking, either knowingly or unknowingly. The best way to correct this posture is to imagine that you have a book placed on your head. Since you do not want it to topple, you would maintain the upright posture.  For those who do not know, slouch walking is whereby the back forms a curved appearance while standing. It is like someone has a hump forming at the back.

Colour for remembering

The color codes are used for different reasons. When it comes to ways to improve posture, the colour plays an important role. The trick is to think about a certain colour and at that time, check your posture. If for instance, you are slouching and you think about the green colour, you will immediately correct your position.

Pay attention to the calves

People ignore the calves at their own peril. The calves help us to find our balance. The first thing that you will need to do is to stay at ease and take a bounce in your strides. The idea is to remove the pressure that is imposed on the back, the neck and shoulders.

Sitting position

We are always reminded to sit up straight but did not know the significance of this. Those who sit for long hours on the desk tend to have posture problems. There are a number of ways in which   healthy posture can be retained. A good chair will help you take care of the back. The lumbar part of the back can be strengthened by additional support in the form of a pillow.

The back should always with that of the chair back support .The monitor on your desk should be positioned in such a way it prevents you from slouching.

The shoulder should be straight but relaxed and ensure that at the same time, the arms should be in flexed as opposed to straight. A 90 degree arm-rest would be ideal for the elbow support.

Lastly, you should consider standing breaks. They include standing, stretching and walking exercise in order to keep fit.


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